Wednesday July 11th
10:15 - 12:15

Topic and organizer
16) Geometric integration of PDEs (E. Faou, C. Lubich) C Budd, A. Prohl, E. Hairer, B. Ryland
17) Stochastic computation (ODEs) (T. Mitsui, K. Ritter) J. Creutzig, T. Müller-Gronbach, A. Tocino, M. Tretyakov
18) Stable and conservative general linear methods (J. Butcher, Z. Jackiewicz) J. C. Butcher, L. L. Hewitt, A. T. Hill, W. M. Wright
19) Optimal control (F. Bonnans, W. Hager) F. Bonnans, A. Dmitruk, P. Martinon, N. Osmolovskii


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