SciCADE 07

Contributed Papers


Contributed talks around the aims and scope of the SciCADE'07 conference are welcome. One contributed talk will be allotted with 30 minutes (including 5 minutes reserved for questions). Please follow the submission procedure described below. The local organisation committee will screen the submission and notify its result to the author.


To submit a paper to the SciCADE'07 conference, please

  1. Download and complete the LaTeX form below.
    Latex SciCADE07 Form, Latex Template, Sample Submission
  2. Test your submission by inserting it into the LaTeX template file.
    LaTeX the form with the template document provided above to make sure it runs properly and produces acceptable output.
  3. Send the LaTeX form only (without the template) to
    Please send unencoded plain text.
  4. You should receive an email acknowledging submission within a few days.

Last Update: 20-Fév-2007