SciCADE 07


As in previous SciCADE meetings, much of the scientific contents of this conference will be run as minisymposium sessions with up to 4-5 sessions in parallel. A typical session consists of four 30 minutes presentations (including time for questions). Each minisymposium is arranged by its organizer(s) who is responsible to invite its speakers.


Applications to chemistry
E. Cancès
B-series and Butcher trees A. Murua, H. Munthe-Kaas
Computation of invariant objects in dynamical systems C. Simo
Computation of orbits and n-body problems
C. Simo
Computational Systems Biology
Y. Cao, L. Petzold
DAEs in Applications L. Jay, R. März
Delay-differential equations A. Bellen, N. Guglielmi, M. Zennaro
Exponential fitting M. Van Daele, G. Vanden Berghe
Exponential integrators M. Hochbruck, A. Ostermann
Geometric and symplectic integration J.L. Hong, R. Quispel
Geometric integration of PDEs E. Faou, C. Lubich
Highly oscillatory problems A. Iserles, S.P. Nørsett
Implementation of multivalue-multistage methods J. Butcher and Z. Jackiewicz
Methods for DAEs L. Jay, R. März
Molecular dynamics E. Darve, F. Legoll
Multiscale and adaptive methods A. Cohen
Nonlinear evolution equations M. Thalhammer
ODEs and optimization U. Ascher
Optimal control F. Bonnans, W. Hager
PDEs and image processing E. Prados
Shadow equations W. Hayes
Software issues L. Brugnano, F. Mazzia
Software issues II L. Brugnano, F. Mazzia
Splitting and Lie-group methods F. Casas, B. Owren
Stable and conservative general linear methods J. Butcher and Z. Jackiewicz
Stiff problems G. Russo
Stochastic computation (ODEs) T. Mitsui, K. Ritter
Stochastic Modelling M. Hairer, D. Talay
Stochastic PDEs A. Debussche, M. Hairer
Stochastic simulation in systems biology K. Burrage
Time integration of PDEs F. Castella, S. Descombes, S. Reich
Validated computing D. Stoffer, P. Zgliczynski

Last Update: 22-Jui-2007